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So many things you need to nail


Value Prop, Prototype, Validation, Target Market, Competition


Onboarding, UI//UX, Analytics, Retention, Conversion Rates


Positioning, Go-to-Market, Monetization, Defensibility

Growth Model

Distribution Channels, Growth Loops, Referrals, Partnerships


What they've said

Company Stages

Early Stage

Seed and Pre-seed companies with a compelling value proposition that have yet to reach Product-Market Fit.

Growth Stage

Companies that have reached Product-Market Fit but need to manage growth wisely to prevent core metrics from degrading.

In Distress

A company that is losing market share, profitability and/or relevance in its market, and needs to chart a new path for growth.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Focus Areas

B2B SaaS

On-demand software applications delivered through the browser on a subscription basis.


Services and experiences delivered through the magical device in your pocket and distributed through the walled gardens of two behemoths.


Products and services targeting endlessly diverse and psychologically complex individuals as customers.

Other Areas & Interests

Experience in E-Commerce, Healthcare, Energy and Industrials. Keen interest in Biotech, Cleantech and Agtech. Largely curious about Fintech & Crypto.

What I Do

Customer Discovery & Target Market Validation

Concept Validation & Assumption Testing

Great ideas that deliver extraordinary results are uncommon in an established marketplace. Yet new approaches and ideas are necessary to capture extraordinary returns. The process of quickly refining or outright discarding ideas that cannot live up to their expectations is one of the most important early steps for any company seeking growth.

Mapping Competitive Landscape

Today’s snapshot of market players is the result of many years of adaptation and opportunistic development. Accurately sizing-up your competition across the right dimensions provides you with a rich lens that can help you uncover valuable competitive insights and sets the groundwork for a successful positioning strategy.

Market Trends & Dynamics

As the pace of change accelerates, companies need to have timely and reliable information on what market shifts are taking place in order to seize growth opportunities and defend against new entrants. However, a mistaken understanding of the underlying trends can potentially be worse than burying your head in the sand.

Rapid Commercial Validation

For any new idea or approach to be successful, a segment of the market must fully embrace it. However, it is expensive and highly risky to build the full structure of the new business solely relying on verbal feedback. Customers vote with their wallet, so the best way to minimize the risks of any new idea is to test the readiness of the market by artificially creating the economic and psychological conditions necessary for a sale and evaluating the results.

Product Management & Design

Product Strategy

There are countless ways in which you can improve your products. However, you have limited resources and operate in a dynamic, competitive environment, therefore, you must constantly make important trade-offs. What features should you build, and how much should you invest in making sure they’re adopted? Should you focus on improving retention or acquisition? When should you invest in scaling infrastructure or expanding the value proposition to serve a broader customer base? My goal here is to help you build, communicate, and execute a cohesive product strategy that makes these difficult trade-offs much easier to make.

User Experience (UX) Design

The design of great user experiences involves first and foremost a deep understanding of your customer. Not only do you need to understand in detail the jobs they need to carry out, but also the environment or context in which they’re taking place. Without that, you can’t build the empathy needed to design experiences that will solve their problems in a delightful way. That’s why my design process relies heavily on user involvement to peel away the layers of the onion and get closer to the core of what a user needs or wants. This center is where successful product and process innovations emerge from.

User Interface (UI) Design

Your product's interface is the most visual aspect of your value proposition, which is why an investment in the aesthetic appeal is important. However, this is always secondary to the company’s higher-level objectives for a user interface, which are usability and adoption. Using tools like Figma, I can help you collaboratively build and test intuitive interfaces that transform complex processes into simple and straight-forward web or mobile experiences.

Product Copy

Good copy is clear, concise and informative. Strategically, it needs to communicate your value proposition, differentiate your company from competitors and persuade customers to take the actions you designed for them. In the end, good copy should drive conversions. However, I can help you write great copy, that, in addition to its primary objectives, can also build trust. In fact, great copy is an integral part of building your company’s brand by consistently using a compelling voice that reinforces the company’s identity.

Conversion & Funnel Optimization

Getting big wins with conversion optimization and experimentation is all about knowing where the biggest opportunities lie and know what you can do to seize them. Having designed and optimized multiple onboarding funnels, I understand the powerful effect small changes can have on critical metrics. Let me design a structured A/B testing process backed by plausible hypotheses that can be quickly put into action and get those big wins across activation, upselling and referral funnels.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Business Opportunity Analysis & Selection

When taking new technologies or products to market, it may seem appealing to target many markets as a way to reduce risk. However, diluting your focus across various markets almost guarantees that no target markets will be effectively captured. Identifying the optimal market to target is a highly complex step, but this thorough process creates the internal alignment necessary to confidently focus capital and human resources to tackle this pivotal challenge.

Product & Corporate Positioning

In the battle for customers’ attention, the only messages that cut through the noise are the ones that are concise, relevant and persuasive. To ensure it’s relevant and credible, I can help you properly define not only the category in which you wish to operate, but what you’re up against, which in most cases is an accurate understanding of the status quo. The process of distilling your company’s value proposition to a point where it will instantly resonate within your target market is not easy, but it is the cornerstone of any effective go-to-market strategy.

Business Model & Pricing Strategy

Pricing is always one of the main influencers of purchase decisions, yet most early-stage companies think about this far too late, or worse still, price their products through a cost-plus approach. I use some of the latest thinking on pricing to put the customer’s willingness to pay for a new product at the very core of product design. Once you know that you’re building something people are ready to pay for, I can help select and optimize the monetization model, as well as what to bundle or unbundle depending on the segments being served.

Sales & Distribution Channel Fit

Having a great product is, at best, half the battle. You still need to get it into the hands of your customers or users for it to have an impact. Distribution channels follow a power law, meaning that a single effective distribution channel often accounts for the vast majority of your growth, and therefore success in your market. That’s why a critical part of my GTM (and product development) process involves adjusting your products and experiences to fit the most viable and promising distribution channel(s). After all, the channel will not adjust to accommodate your company.


Sales & Marketing Funnel Optimization

As attention-spans shrink, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to convert website visitors into customers. Don't let a leaky funnel hold your business back. Using a data-driven approach, I analyze website traffic, customer behavior, and sales data to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. I then implement tested and proven strategies to increase conversions at every stage of the funnel.

Growth Loop / Flywheel Cultivation

Growth loops, in their simplest form, are deliberately designed user experiences that make it easy for successful users/customers to organically reach and bring in more users/customers. This growth strategy can be particularly powerful since it can produce compounding positive effects on user acquisition, but also on other core metrics such as engagement and retention. Having applied these frameworks successfully, I can help you identify opportunities to apply one or more growth loops to your business to grow and retain customers but also to strengthen your company’s defensibility.

Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

Capturing growth opportunities for non-established companies often means identifying established distribution channels to reach new potential customers. Having led multiple high-level negotiations throughout my career (licensing, distribution, manufacturing, affiliate) so I’m attune to the importance of aligning incentives through win-win agreements to ensure their sustainability. Additionally, being familiar with the multiplicity of forms partnerships can take, I can come up with creative new paths that can save potential deals stuck in zero-sum negotiations.

Geographic Market Expansion

Expanding into different markets can be a daunting task. The communication barrier, the distance to your customer, and the different regulatory framework present significant obstacles that need to be overcome. As a trilingual speaker with business experience in China, North America, Latin America and Europe, I know the challenges and nuances one should keep in mind when seeking out local partners or customers.

New Vertical Expansion

Expanding a business into adjacent verticals that appear to have identical pain points may seem like an obvious way to grow top-line growth objectives. However, without the right analysis and strategic plan, it can end up being a costly mistake. I always make sure to deeply understand the company’s technical and strategic constraints to make sure the costs of adaptation, which are often underestimated, do not outstrip the opportunity it presents.

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