Julian Ilson on Vancouver Island

Hi, I'm Julian. đź‘‹
Nice to meet you.

I’m a 4x startup founder and friendly tech exec with 15 years experience designing, building, and taking new products and companies to market.

On the hunt for my next growth challenge

I'm on the lookout for an opportunity where my skills on Product, Strategy and Growth can be put to good use. Have an interesting company, role or project?

See what I do

Julian and Carpuzi on the hunt for opportunities

I started a neat friendship app

I believe most of us don’t have enough meaningful friendships. It's also hard to meet new people as you get older. So I created We3, a local friend-matching service that makes it easier and less awkward to make new friends as an adult.

It's pretty cool

It privately connects you with awesome people in groups of 3.

It's kinda popular

Tens of thousands of people use it every month

It totally works

I personally use it, and have made some great friendships.

Many really like it

We3 has over 10,000 5-star reviews.

It runs on it's own

We3 was designed to require almost no effort from me to run.


What they've said

Last bits about me ✌️

I’m a Mexi-Canadian currently living in Ottawa who enjoys tackling difficult problems with technology, ingenuity and great design. Outside of work, I love discussing interesting ideas, being out in nature, and playing music, sports and games with friends. I'm happily married and a dad to a chubby infant and an even chubbier cat, Kramer. I speak English, Spanish and French.

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